My name is Dr. Dan Rosin and I am delighted you have chosen to view my website. I have been a teacher, therapist and consultant for 50 years. The majority of that time was spent counselling burned out, over worked, under empowered and extremely distressed people. As well, I have been promoting the concepts of wellness and prevention through workshops, presentations, a newly developed wellness model and written numerous articles and two books.

Notes #77

Being Alone: A Choice!

More and more people are living alone! Society, in the past, has characterized single people by choice as somewhat broken or dysfunctional. Any marriage is better than no marriage was a decision made to appear normal, respectable, and happy (or at least appear to be so).

I believe that the need to be married or in a relationship to be happy and fulfilled is no longer fostered to the same degree it once was, and has been severely tested and altered by the young generation of today.

Notes #76

Notes #76

A New Work Model?

I was talking with the secretary at my place of employment, where I still work several times a week and was surprised to learn that a number of people who previously worked at the office were still at home doing Zoom calls. They preferred working from home and it seems this phenomenon has caught on in many workplaces

Notes #275.03

Notes #275.03 
This is a practice newsletter sent to myself


Notes #74

Are We Still Evolving?

Some theories have us humans coming from a single cell and evolving into whatever became before apes, then there were apes, monkeys, or vice-a-versa, and then humans. If we have evolved past apes (and this has always puzzled me) how come there are still apes?



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