My name is Dr. Dan Rosin and I am delighted you have chosen to view my website. I have been a teacher, therapist and consultant for 50 years. The majority of that time was spent counselling burned out, over worked, under empowered and extremely distressed people. As well, I have been promoting the concepts of wellness and prevention through workshops, presentations, a newly developed wellness model and written articles and books.

"Notes" #62

"Happy New Year!" I personally don't feel all that optimistic about 2022; there are just too many people still exerting their "right" to be stupid and not vaccinating and so are keeping the whole COVID thing going. Enough of that downer stuff. I just gave my head a good shake (or was it the scotch I just had a shot of). Whatever, I'm my old positive self again and hope you are as well.

Stress, Serotonin and Depression


"Notes" #61

A young COVID expert sent in this response. An expert in the vaccination experience-she is my 11 year old granddaughter Miliah.


"Notes" #60

Letter to Our Provincial Government           (written July, 2021)

In the middle of a world pandemic, and while we're presently under the most stringent lockdown our democratic country has ever seen...

You decide to not give our nurses a contract, which they have been without for four years, and put them in a legal strike position.


"Notes" #59

"Will You Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth..."
I think it is time to fess up! In "Notes" #56 I strongly hinted that I was about to retire when I said, "...tomorrow, my first day of retirement". Well, I didn't retire!

After 2 1/2 months off this past summer with much golf being played, reading a lot, barbecuing, long walks, playing with the grandchildren, and starting up my music again, I began to think about those long winter days and changed my mind. Technically I retired, just not all the time!



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