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Top 10 for 44 consecutive weeks

"I can have fun on a school night!/Finding Balance"A book written by Dan Rosin(PhD) has remained on the best seller list for 44 consecutive weeks at McNally Robinson and Chapters. "This is a book I want the people I care most about to read." "After reading your book, I now realize how much of life I have been missing. I will become more aware and make a better life. I will read the book again, page by page, then I will read it again." "I think this book was written for and about me." "This is the first book I ever read that talks about the whole body (physical, psychological, spiritual) and the importance of integration. People have to know about this book!" "I have been told 'I can have fun on a school night!' is an easy read with a lot to say. If you don't read this book, there is a good chance you will remain stuck having to 'do life' in the same old way and 'hoping' things will be different." "Reading your book has helped me to redefine what is important in my life and I have begun to make the changes to be healthier and happier." "I love the line in the book that says, I am not especially screwed up, just normally screwed up." "I can have fun on a school night!" will provide you with the understanding and tools you will need to make changes. You need to read this book because it will help you to:

  • better understand the distressors in your life, your driven behaviour, and how best to be 'in charge' of your life.
  • discover more about yourself and in particular, why you don't take better care of yourself.
  • alter your perspective so that you can see 'change' positively.
  • achieve your objectives and become a healthier, happier and more balanced person.

"The book is full of snippets of wisdom that hit me where I live. It helped me to rethink where I am in my life and where I want to be, but most importantly, the book showed me how to get there." "I would highly recommend Dan Rosin's book "I can have fun on a school night!" You may want to get a copy for every staff room or give it as a gift at the Christmas office party this year, but make sure you get a copy for yourself too. You'll be glad you did."