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Play Isn't Nice - It's Imperative

My wife and I often go to the movies as a way of relaxing and coping with the stress in our lives. We were standing in the foyer of a downtown theatre when an acquaintance from rural Manitoba spotted me and came over. Foot tapping and hands on hips (a recognizable educational pose), he asked me how I could possibly be at the movies when he had "... heard you were so busy". He must have been referring to the waiting list of clients we often have when working in an Education Assistance Program (EAP). "Must be nice." I wished he hadn't said that.

My response to him was quite unexpected to all within hearing distance. I shouted almost at the top o f my lungs and he backed away. "Nice? You think it's nice coming to this movie theatre every Tuesday, eating popcorn, holding my wife's hand, laughing, enjoying ourselves?" Immediately putting an 'I-don't-know-this-fool' look on her face, and his, made a dash for the restroom.

It was then I realized how strongly I felt about the necessity of play in taking care of oneself. Being at the movies isn't only nice, it's a must, a requirement. Play is more than nice, it is absolutely imperative for a healthy life. Play is a condition of life, like breathing, eating, working. Our wives did come back, slowly accepting us as two guys they knew. However, I believe it will be a long time before my acquaintance suggests to anybody that play is merely 'nice'.

Did you know that play (relaxation, enjoyment) was in the same league as breathing and eating? Well, now you do! You may not feel as strongly about it as I do, but the more you apply this notion of play being imperative in our lives, the potentially healthier you will become. How healthy? That's up to you!

You once knew how to relax. You grew up and trained your
body how to speed up. Now it's time to change back.
Revert! Retrain! Relax!