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2017 Newsletters

Midweek #7, 2017

"Went to Shapes gym to see a note that Dr. Dan Rosin was present at the gym and is distributing his books. Curious to see what it's about I went up to him and he was very approachable, kind and easy-going. I am stoked to read about his book on Communication & Relationship, as we know that when we walk through the walks of life, maintaining balance and healthy relationships is key. Thank you Dr. Dan! I know that this book will be of a good resource for me."         Carlo


Newsletter Vol #77 Thats How I See It!

Free book pick-up this week-see last page

                                                                                               Couples Edition

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Newsletter Vol #78 Thats How I See It !

I would very much like to thank Shapes Fitness Centres for allowing me to promote my book in their facilities. They are a wonderful group and I highly recommend their service.

Hi Reader


Newsletter Vol. #74 "Thats How I See It"

As the song goes, "Welcome back..." or if you're a new reader it's just "Welcome".

It seems fall has descended upon us rather quickly this year, 3 degrees the other AM. Makes early morning golf a brisk early morning experience.
Kids back at school (happy parents), traffic is totally congested and road projects still need another month.

After Labour Day, Manitobans begins getting ready for the quick slide into fall. So much to do to get ready, so many leaves to rake.


Newsletter Vol. #75

It's Sunday morning as I put together this newsletter and it is 8 degrees. A grim reminder of what is to come in regards to that yearly purge, where living in a tent becomes a punishment- it's called winter.
Back! Back! You mangy beast of damp, cold, long john needing unpleasantness. You're not welcome yet, you can't show your face until at least after Halloween.


Newsletter Vol. #76 Thats How I See It!

Had a great day last Thursday at Shapes. I met a lot of wonderful people and shared my book with 137 of them. I will be spending the day at Shapes, 1150 Nairn Ave., on October 5, from 8 am to 8 pm, so stop by and pick up your copy of Communication And Relationships.


Newsletter Vol. #79 Thats How I See It!

I am wondering if you folks who received a copy of my newest book, Communication & Relationships would mind doing a review or writing a testimonial about the book. Please forward your thoughts to me at or call me at 204-299-9399.

Please feel free to share the Newsletter and encourage people to checkout my newest book Communication And Relationships, (C & R).


Sunday Night #3

Reminder - Wednesday, Sept. 6, Shapes at 3340 Portage Ave., 8-11 am and 3:30-8:30 pm-pick up your "free" copy of my newest book, "Communication & Relationships". Get your copy signed and take a look at the facilities if you have time.

Do you know someone who could help me promote my new book "Communication & Relationships"?