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Saturday Night Reminder


Reminder - This Monday, Aug. 14, Shapes at Garden City, 2535 McPhillips St., 8-11 am and 4-9 pm-pick up your "free" copy of my newest book, "Communication & Relationships". Get your copy signed and take a look at the facilities if you have time.

Do you know someone who could help me promote my new book "Communication & Relationships"?

You see I need help finding the person/organization/company who would invite
me to sit in their establishment (like Shapes has) to promote my book. They could use the book to invite people into their space and then allow them to browse and see their product.

This is part of my "Give away 1000 books to sell 5000" promotion. If you have some "in" or have an idea where I could promote my book -please contact me.

Dr. Dan Rosin
Phone: 204-299-9399
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