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I just want to apologize for the three emails I sent Friday and Saturday this week. For some reason my personal E-mail address on my automated newsletter release got erased and so everyone on my list received my emails, except me. I thought the problem was the automatic release, and so I repeatedly sent out the same message, but it was simply that I was no longer on my list. (See why I need you to be my Internet presence)

Next week I will be in Vancouver for my grandsons 19th birthday. If you're thinking about hitting my house while I'm gone I have to warn you that my wife is a professional wrestler, I have five killer dogs, and a state of the art security system. (I just had to put this in as I have read  about people going for holidays and broadcasting that on the Internet)

Locations I will be at promoting and giving away free copies of "Communication And Relationships" in two weeks are:

     Stella's  166 0sbome  Thurs. Sept. 27, 8 am -2pm
 Reh-Fit Center  1390 Taylor  Fri. Sept. 28, 9 am -1pm
 Goodlife Kenaston 143 Nature Park Way Tues. Sept. 25, 4pm -9pm
     Sept. 30, 9am - 12pm

Come and have breakfast with me at Stella's or drop by the Reh-Fit or Goodlife and see what a wonderful fitness facilities we have in this city.

Thanks and see you soon.