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Information Sheet

                   Communication & Relationships


     Communication and Relationships (C & R) is a book composed of concepts which are derived from composites of many different sessions with many different clients. Concepts are insights into the how, where, and why of human behaviour and this is how we learn. It is my intent that by sharing my concepts, my insights that the reader will have a better understanding of the process of good communication and will work to improve their relationships and life.

     C & R is written for people who seek an understanding of the problems they face in their everyday lives. It is for anyone living in a challenging relationship, with feelings of distress, guilt, or anger, or who may be struggling to make a decision about that same relationship. They learn to appreciate that they are not alone, and that others have similar issues and that they have found a way to proceed. 

     Just like in real life not every story/concept has a happy ending, is helpful or insightful to everyone or is punctuated by a marvellous epiphany on how to solve his or her issues. But there are a significant number of insights and learning’s available to the reader so that they will find new options on how to better deal with their old issues.

    The book shares 110 different concepts (learning opportunities) ranging from 1 to 3 pages in length. Topics include: communication, relationships, stress, anger, grief, strokes, guilt, ego, self-esteem, change, affairs, sex and power, abandonment, friendship and more. The short stories and concepts provide an excellent source of support in an easy-to-read handbook format with virtually something for everyone.


Positive factors that make this book stand out from others on the market include:

--short 1-3 page concepts that are direct and concise;

--the concepts apply to a broad spectrum of people who quickly recognize themselves in the concepts and are intrigued as to where the concept/story goes and how it ends;

--the variety of and nature of the topics and new approaches of dealing with their issues draws people in;

--little Pearls revealed without having to wade through 20 pages of preamble.


Communication & Relationships can be purchased at McNally Robinson (Grant Park) or on-line at from this website.