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Testimonial: "Communication & Relationships"

I found your book Communication & Relationships very enlightening to read. I liked the set-up of the book and I enjoyed the short stories on the numerous topics you have discussed or experienced with your clients. I think the book is a definite read for anyone looking to improve their interpersonal skills, whether it is with a partner or fellow employees. You introduced many topics such as communications, self-esteem, relationships and assertiveness. As well, I like how your book communicates important information in a light and sometimes humorous manner.  This make for enjoyable reading.     (Henry)   -------------------------------------------------------------------


“Simply written but incredibly thought provoking”     (Scott)


“Straight forward, down to earth and extremely effective”     (Viv)


I really liked Communication & Relationships. First off I liked it's candour and honesty. I liked the informal writing style. It was as if you were sitting across from me and telling me a story or sharing your wisdom you've learned over many years. And I liked the fact that it's is authentic--things don't always work out.             (Tanis)

I was going to wait until I completed the book however I've wanted to write about what I have read so far. I've made it to expectations or assertiveness. All chapters thus far have been very insightful and easy to follow. The one / two liners at the end all sum up the title for each chapter very well. The chapters about strokes has been life-changing for me. Finally realizing that I need to come first and not expecting my husband to fill my cup. I would certainly be intrigued to read about your Quality of Life Meter, once you invent it of course! Thank you for this incredible book!     (Melanie!)                                                                                                                  


“Communication & Relationships” by Dr. Dan Rosin has made my life better. This little but powerful book has improved  communication with my spouse, teenagers, extended family and coworkers. I have learned how to communicate my needs, feelings and expectations so they will be heard resulting in better relationships. Thank you Dr. Dan!           (Brenda)

This book is a suitable companion and follow-up to Rosin’s first book, “I can have fun on a week night!” /”Finding Balance" (6th re-print). His wide experience as a teacher and as a counsellor provides him with many insights into human behaviour and coping mechanisms.

Communication & Relationships (C & R) is organized into many clearly categorized segments, which enable the reader to digest it in limited doses or to pick and choose the issues according to interest and need. When starting the book, the reader is made aware of the writer’s avowed purpose and instructions, and he or she gets the feeling that a conversation is about to begin, one with a very sensitive and intelligent individual. The wide experience and personal anecdotes reflect the author’s fascination with the wide range of people’s personalities and characters, and it is more than interest: it is caring. Rosin carefully and deftly illustrates how a successful therapist is a perpetual learner.

C & R is formatted like a handbook and the extensive “Contents” precludes the need for an index. It is designed for the modern age, concise, with intensive sound bites, a Google hit that’s just what the searcher wants: the perfect tool for someone whose computer is within arm’s reach. The use of Venn diagrams, charts, different types of type and summary statements appeals to many readers/ learners whose mode of learning is more visual. At the same time, the conversational tone will be comforting to the reader who is more inclined to the auditory mode of learning. If one is inclined to write in books, which I was never allowed to do, then there is ample space to do so to add one’s own insights and the book size will never create a problem as it sits on one’s bedside table for ready reference.

Self-help books are wonderful but the people who should be reading them generally do not feel very compelled to read them. It is more for those who have to cope with the foregoing. The thesis of Rosin’s treatise is that we create our lives in our minds and it is up to us to find coping mechanisms and inner peace through our control of our own feelings and logic. Rosin helps us see the world from the point of view of the other guy and as such is an invaluable tools as we wend our way though our lives.              (Ed)