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Why Did I Write "Finding Balance" and "Communication & Relationships?"

I didn’t mean to write these books it came about as a result of the creative collaboration between client and therapist. 1+1 never equals just 2. New ways of understanding and treating the issues/stressors that people presented began to evolve. Insights, concepts and therapeutic stories just seemed to flow from every session over a two-year period. I wrote them down on a piece of paper and threw them in a folder in my briefcase. One day I dumped the contents of the folder out on the dinning room table, and started writing, as I felt compelled to shape the ideas into readable form. The result was “Finding Balance”. Same process occurred for my new book "Communication & Relationships"

I tell people that at first I didn’t believe in my own book—“Finding Balance." It had a nice look to it, nice cover, and it said a lot of things I believed in and I found it meaningful and useful. What I didn’t know was that other people were also finding it meaningful and useful. That I had written a valid piece of literature (as judged by those who have read the book) nearly blew my mind. (See: direct link Navigation—Testimonials)

I now truly believe in both books! I find them easy to recommend to my friends and clients, not just so they will purchase them but because they are helpful and deal with “real” subject matter. The cases described are actual composites of many different sessions with many different clients.

People are saying nice things about the “Communication & Relationships" (See: direct link Navigation—Testimonials). I feel like the parent who hears glowing comments about their teenager and is proud but surprised. The success of the “Finding Balance” is overwhelming (over 10,000 sold) but welcomed. I hope for similar success with “Communication & Relationships".