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Dr Dan's Midweek

Good Deeds Should Definitely Be Rewarded!

 I want you to watch a very nice video that features some young people doing stand-up work for Winnipeg. The Polar Bear peewee female hockey team is/has raised funds for Siloam Mission and the homeless.

 The Polar Bears are in a competition for the Good Deeds Cup presented by Chevrolet. They need your help to win $5000 for the charity of their choice. What they need you to do is to view their video. Three teams with the most views before February 9 will win $5000. So as many times as possible, go to and view their video. Thank you.

 In case you haven’t realized it (kidding), I am releasing my new book, "Communication & Relationships" on Feb. 27 at McNally Robinson (Grant Park) and I would like you to be there (not kidding). And I would like you to tell “everybody you care about" to be there as well.

"Communication & Relationships" (C & R) is a book written in the same style as my previous book, "Finding Balance"— short, concise, 1-3 page concepts dealing with topics such as: Relationships, Communication, Change, Personal Power, Self-esteem, and many other topics. C & R will certainly get you thinking on how to improve a poor relationship and make a good one even better.

 Here is what people have said about Communication & Relationships:

         “Simply written but incredibly thought provoking”    

          “Straight forward, down to earth and extremely effective”    

         “I really liked "Communication & Relationships". First off I liked its candour and honesty. I liked the informal writing style. It was as if you were sitting across from me and telling me a story or sharing your wisdom you've learned over many years. And I liked the fact that it's is authentic--things don't always work out.”             

 “Communication & Relationships” by Dr. Dan Rosin has made my life better. This little but powerful book has improved communication with my spouse, teenagers, extended family and coworkers. I have learned how to communicate my needs, feelings and expectations so they will be heard resulting in better relationships. Thank you Dr. Dan! 

 For more Testimonials on "Finding Balance" and "Communication & Relationships" see:

 What makes the “concept" style of writing so valuable?

 Both of my books, “Finding Balance” and “Communication & Relationships” are written in a 1-3 page concept format. What makes this unique and helpful is that partners don’t have time to read a chapter, synthesize the material and then discuss/communicate with each other about the material. Both books were written to be discussed!

 Both books are great for exploring new insights into common human problems and situations. Each concept takes only 30-60 seconds to read, then comes the expressing of one’s thoughts, feelings, values and beliefs--one’s opinions--hopefully in a safe and accepting environment.

 Communication is the #1 issue with couples and these two books encourage much open dialogue.

 I have heard it said to me on several occasions, “Because of the brevity of each concept, this is a book both men and women can embrace.”

Stay warmish!