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Dr, Dan's Midweek Feb. 13


 I am getting really excited! Less than two weeks until “Communication & Relationships" gets launched.

 What I would appreciate you doing is to muster your troops-Social Media-into purchasing the book at McNally Robinson during

Launch Week (Feb. 24-March 6).

 To get the ball rolling, you can offer you’re your troops and yourself a pre-order special. Pre-order a set of  books (“Finding Balance”-$19.95 and “Communication & Relationships”-$19.95) now and pay for them during Launch Week (Feb. 24-March 6) and receive a “complimentary" "TheFamily Tree" game (a $39.95 value).

 Pick up and pay for the two books at the launch on February 27, 7 pm at McNally Robinson or if you order on-line ( ) call me ( and have “The Family Tree” game delivered to your door ($7.00 delivery charge) by my courier David after Feb. 24.

 The covers are very bland in black and white. The actual colour of the cover of “Finding Balance” is psychodelic green with a yellow-orange border. And just a reversal of colours for “Communication & relationships”. Makes a beautiful set (that is helpful). 


Finding Balance"Finding Balance" is a collection of insights, concepts, and stories designed to help readers develop healthier attitudes toward life, work, relationships, and the achievement of well-being.  It is informed by research and inspired by many years of counselling and therapeutic practice, and hundreds of hours as a workshop facilitator.  Originally published in 2002 as "I an have fun on a school night!" it has been purchased by over 10,500 Canadians.

For more than four decades I have worked with clients to help them solve their 'living' issues and to encourage them to take better care of themselves.  Time in therapy has often been reduced by an on-target concept, such as those that fill the pages of this book.  These concepts help 'cut to the chase' and invite understanding and insight with a minimum of verbiage.


Communication & Relationships book coverDan's second book "Communication and Relationships" will be released on February 27, 2019.

This book is about real people with real problems and was written for people who seek understanding of the problems they face in their everyday lives.  It is for anyone living in an unproductive relationship, with feelings of distress, guilt, and anger or struggling to make a decision about that relationship.

They may come to appreciate that they are not alone, that others have similar issues and they found a way to proceed.  By reading these stories/concepts about people just like them, and seeing how they and the therapist dealt with the problem, perhaps they can learn how to better deal with their own issues.

In the book I share 110 different stories/concepts (learning opportunities) ranging from 1-3 pages in length.  Some additional topics include: stress, anger, grief, strokes, guilt, ego, self esteem, change, affairs, sex and power, abandonment, friendship, and more.

I would like you to do one small thing for me to help with the promotion of “Communication & Relationships” on February 27.

 For those of you who received a pre-launch complimentary copy of "Communication & Relationships" I would like you to:

 -Take a selfie of yourself holding the book—I know it’s not the new, hot  

      off the press version but it can still give a visual and that will be helpful.

      You can do the new book after the Launch.

    -Say one nice thing about the book

 Distribute the selfie and the one nice thing a few times this coming week to your special friends and Social Media lists.

 Thanks, have a fun week and stay warm.