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Dr. Rosin's Friday Request


 I am getting ready to launch "Communication & Relationships" at McNally Robinson on February 27 (no surprise there). This has been my passion for the last several months/years.


I do need some help informing people about the launch! Would you please send the attached sample letter (or your own words) about the book to your

e-mail and social media networks?


 If all of you could interest just 2 individuals to purchase the book, C & R during Launch Week, and/or purchase an extra copy for yourself (a present for someone you care about) it would become a #1 Best Seller and I would be one grateful author.


“I don’t want you to buy my book,
I want you to purchase a resource that will make your life better.”
Dan Rosin

This is a sample letter you could use to encourage those on your Social Media lists to 
purchase the book the week of Feb. 24-March 6 in person at McNally’s or on-line.

Hi …

Just a short note to let you know that (my friend) Dr. Dan Rosin is launching his book "Communication & Relationships" at McNally Robinson on Feb. 27. I have read the book and I highly recommend it-really helpful!


Please purchase in person or on line ( the week of

Feb. 24-March 6.

 Thanks and see you at the launch.