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Hi it's me again Dan Rosin

I am letting you know about some very exciting news if you're a educator/teacher! If that's not you, then perhaps you could share this with those friends in the profession that you care about.

Susan Klein, previously a teacher before starting her own business and realizing her dreams of the Five Freedoms (catch her video). She is a coach, a mentor and a genuine fine person and I support her and I support the idea that teachers/educators sometimes need to look at a Plan B for their lives.
Suzanne lives in the Cayman Islands and is certainly living out her dreams.

Here are some of the things that Suzanne says she will help you with:

• how to create more freedom to have a life you love,
• tools to gain a healthier work/life balance so you can be happier,
• to determine if entrepreneurship is the solution to create your dream life,
• strategies to find a new life purpose to help you get unstuck,
• to help create an exit strategy if you want to leave teaching,
• to create a mindset that helps kick fears to the curb so that you can go after your dreams,
• and so much more!

PS Jack Canfield of "Chicken Soup..." fame is one of Suzanne's supporters and speakers at her Summit, so do sign up. Of much lesser known fame-me-I am on a video as well-check it out.