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Hi everyone. I know I am inindating you with an incredable program for you and your teacher friends. This is the beginning of a week long Summit with speakers and a great deal of informatiom to begin the process of "Realizing Your Dreams."

Please forward this email on to those in education you care about.

I'm thrilled for you to start Day 1:
Teaching is meaningful, but highly demanding work. 
So demanding, that as educators we don't often take the time to consider the wide range of gifts and talents we possess.  There are SO many ways to make a difference and YOU deserve the freedom of creating your next chapter, whether that's staying in teaching or leaving.  
Never before in history have we ever had as much access through technology to create opportunities... opportunities that will help you rewrite your future, as I've already done for mine!
A big thank you for showing up and being open to the possibilities!
You're going to love this day as it's all about no fluff, no filler, just straight talk!
Speaker 1: Michelle Stimpson
Michelle Stimpson is a bestselling author who has combined her love of reading and writing with her teaching gift. Though she left the classroom more than 15 years ago, she has managed to remain in the field of education through consulting/coaching while publishing more than 50 books and short stories.
In this interview, you will...
* Recognize that options do exist for teachers wanting to leave.
* Have clarity on steps to get clearer decision making. 
* Discover wanting to leave isn't a sign of failure.

Speaker 2: Amanda McNay
I was an Art Education major at The University of Georgia with a focus in graphic design and was fortunate enough to teach art at one of the best middle schools in Georgia. After 2 years of teaching, I found myself wanting more freedom. I left education and started my own graphic design business over 3 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made!
In this interview, you will...
* Battle for what's best for you despite what others say.
* Find out how Amanda took 13 trips this year while using her iPhone's "Notes" for work.
* Discover how this entrepreneur works from anywhere-even in a car!

Speaker 3: Shannon Hernandez
Shannon Hernandez is not your average entrepreneur. After a 15 year public teaching career, she jumped feet first into her journey as a business owner, and within just a few years, she had built a multi-six figure business. A sought after expert in the world of content marketing and strategy, Shannon is known globally as the creator of the Content Personality(tm) Wheel. She is a voice and role model for Thought Leaders around the world, teaching them how to market their innovative ideas in a way that honors who they are and what they believe.
In this interview, you will...
* Learn how hiring a business coach can help you discover your gifts & fast track you to what you want.
* Discover how this former teacher started her business before leaving, and how you can too!
* Financial freedom isn't an option as a teacher & how you can do something about this!

Speaker 4: Deidra Murphy
Deidra Murphy taught elementary school for 5 years. After choosing to leave the formal classroom, Deidra entered the entrepreneurial world by starting her own business called Style by Deidra, as a personal fashion stylist and image consultant. Her passion is helping other women achieve their dreams by developing confidence through the power of style. Deidra won the prestigious title of Mrs. Washington America in 2017, and was able to spend her year promoting her platform of Holistic Health to the community and across the state.
In this interview, you will...
* Uncover a mental block you have with your university teaching degree.
* Hear how a mentally unstable parent can threaten a teacher's safety.
* Relate to things principals do that make good teachers quit.


A loving reminder that all interviews are available at no cost for 48 hours. And of course, I would love to support you to deepen your insights, so I'd love to hear your feedback and what were your biggest takeaways from today's interviews? Hit reply and let me know, or leave a comment after each interview!
I'll be back in your inbox tomorrow,
Suzanne Klein ?
p.s. Are you busy and worried you'll miss some interviews (otherwise you have 48 hours)? When you choose the VIP UPGRADE, you'll receive lifetime access to these 21+ inspirational interviews along with MP3 files, transcripts, and a virtual 50 minute 5 Freedoms Strategy Session... all so that you can confidently take your next steps to Rewrite Your Future!

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