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"The Family Tree"


Dan Rosin here! I am about to give away the last 48 games I have in my possession of "The Family Tree" (for a tax write off). But before I do that I would like to give you the first/last opportunity to acquire this game. Here is a little information about "The Family Tree" game.

     A number of years ago my wife and I were part of a three family team that created a non-competitive board game that families could play together. We called the game, " The Family Tree".

       "The Family Tree" is more than just a game; it is an activity that brings families and friends together to listen, laugh and learn while sharing the stories that link the present with the past. It is designed for families and friends who want to have fun getting to know about each.

      "The Family Tree" is a cooperative activity; each person must finish in order for the game to be completed. There are generally no right or wrong answers. Most questions ask for your opinion. It is important to allow each person to express his or her ideas without judging their answer as right or wrong and without trying to correct them.

If you would like a copy (originally $39.95, but to clear $15.00) for yourself or as a Christmas present for family or friends, you can pick up the game by calling me at 204-488-0359 and then dropping by 178 Elm or you can have it delivered for a mere $7.00 by the neighbours son.

One more thing, if you haven't read my first book "Finding Balance"-
"The Family Tree" plus a copy of "Finding Balance" for $25.00. They make wonderful Christmas presents. Please place your order this week or before Nov.29.

Talk at you soon, Dan!