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"Notes" #2 Some Things Are Really Out Of Whack

Some Things Are Really Out Of Whack!  
Liquor store thefts are totally out of control and will lead to lawlessness in other facets of society.
If criminals are allowed to steal with impunity at the liquor stores, what is to stop them from expanding to any other businesses that are there for their choosing? What's to stop them from hitting any of the stores in any shopping mall, the food stores, or any business, small or large?
The liquor stores know it's happening, police know it's happening and not only is too little being done about it but if a citizen steps up to interfere in this blatantly wrong behaviour, they would be considered foolish and poorly supported in their efforts.
It reminds me of one summer when I was attending a workshop in Detroit. The local radio announcer was admonishing a caller who was the victim of a Red Light Robbery. The criminal waits for a red light and for cars to stop and then jumps into the first car that isn't locked and robs the person while all the other cars and people sit and watch. The announcer was actually blaming the victim for leaving their doors unlocked. "How stupid are you to leave your doors unlocked." The inference of the announcer was definitely that the victim got what they deserved.
So if I were to trip a would be liquor store thief because those are my values, I would be thought to be "stupid" for trying to keep law and order. If I were hurt, I would be seen as being very foolish and getting what I deserved.
You know, I really am confused about societal values. Criminals can walk into a store manned by security, and often police, steal multiple products and walk out unchallenged, while citizens are told to do nothing. And in fact, if you confront the wrong doers, you are made to feel like you are not a "good" citizen but rather a "foolish/stupid" one.
Wow! I am feeling my age.                                                     Dan