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"Notes" #6 I asked my granddaughter…

I asked my 10-year-old granddaughter if she would like to write a small piece for my blog- "Notes", about her experience of being housebound during COVID-19. She had her usual academic work (grade 4) to do and was actually being somewhat hesitant (" miserable"-her words) about doing her home schooling this particular morning.

You see, I thought in writing this piece she would add a perspective that many of us are familiar with these days. However, on this particular morning this wonderfully independent young lady felt more like doing "as little as possible" rather than appeasing her Papa's (Oh wouldn't it be wonderful for you to work at my pie-in-the-sky idea) impromptu thought. I left it alone and soon her frustration and lack of focus at being cooped up passed and she got back to her usual cooperative and interested self.

Here is what she came up!

Dear friends who I miss
I miss all of you, especially my grade 5 friends because I won't maybe ever see them again. What will I miss: celebrating birthdays, hanging out and playing our favorite games at recess? I really do miss getting direction from my teacher and doing things that get ME in trouble. I also miss patrolling. What I miss about it? I miss keeping the school and the community safe.
Why I don't miss daycare:
Well first I'm getting to old, second most of my friends are leaving! Which is sad but that leaves time to make new ones! Third I have liked their snacks like: pancakes, veggie platter, celery sticks filled with cheese whiz, yogurt and crackers and smoothies. 


Any Covid stories you would like to share?
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