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"Notes" #7 Purpose and Passion

I think that most people know the importance of exercise, a good diet, sleep, laughter, and having fun, in establishing a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Did you know that one of the most important contributors to your well-being and energy level is having "purpose and meaning" in your life. As well, we need to have goals and a commitment to those goals so as to realize our purpose and not just wish for it. Our commitment to our purpose and goals is fuelled by a passion for our goals.

To me, a "Purpose" is somewhat lofty and generally means being helpful to some cause, activity, person, or thing. It is positive and one feels good and proud in being a part of that commitment. Whether a younger person or a retired person, we all need to feel useful; we need to have a reason to get up each morning; we need to feel our life has meaning no matter what age we are. "Goals" can be huge and life changing (like going back to school, or changing jobs) but they also can be small and doable (10,000 steps, eating healthier).

An important feeling that keeps us healthy and energized is the "Passion" we have for something. This feeling is certainly as important as exercise, diet, and sleep. It may be passion for your work, a cause, a person, or your flower garden. Yes, being passionate about something gets the juices really flowing in a person and seeing as time will go by the same whether we are passionate or bored or neutral--we might as well find something that we love to do. Oh, and by the way, our passion quite often leads us into new challenges that might be considered risky. Sometimes we need to take risks to follow our dreams--at least we then know we are alive.

Giving yourself permission to dream and then following through on your dreams is extremely important to a balanced and healthy life.