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"Notes' # 12 Just Hold On A Minute

Just Hold On A Minute!        Written by a concerned reader of "Notes

It is totally irresponsible for the governments of Canada and Manitoba to even consider opening the American border to non-essential travel. It is disrespectful of those front line people who worked tirelessly to protect us over the past five months. We were asked to stay home, to self quarantine, to physical distance, prevent even graduating students from celebrating the most important day of their life so far and generally put our lives on hold to fight this virus.  What is our reward? To open our borders to people who believe that to ask them to do the aforementioned is contrary to their constitutional rights and that it was not supported by a leader who believed that drinking a disinfectant would cure or protect them or that the virus is a hoax, perpetrated by the Democrats Fake News.

When the (US) border is opened, everyone crossing it should be tested and quarantined for 14 days. Perhaps we could get the plans used to build the "holding cells" used to hold children separated from their parents on the Mexican border-and that is Constitutionally OK?

Maybe Manitobans were lucky or maybe we have leadership that knew the right thing to do back in February and maybe Manitobans realized that doing what we were asked to do was the right thing to do. Whatever, we should definitely not be put at risk by opening up the US-Canadian border.

Thank you for your insights.

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