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"Notes" #36

Happy New Year! I am glad you are out there.

What can I say that hasn't already been said about 2020.  Most of what is being said is negative, and the number of really significant events of last year are, I believe, contributing to a general worldwide malaise bordering on depression.

Events such as a pandemic that has, and is killing thousands of people a day; political miscues in the handling of the pandemic; Red Alerts and lock downs; police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement constantly reminding us of the inequality in our society. "Trying" just doesn't come close to defining 2020.

And then there is our neighbour with its dysfunctional, evil, self-absorbed, and delusional President. Any average person encouraging people to rise up against their country's democratic political system would certainly be unnerving and punishable, but it is totally unbelievable when the agitator is the president of that country.

The bar for 2021 is set remarkably low in light of the environment that ended 2020. I sincerely hope we can begin to work in earnest at some of the ills that are so apparent in our society. Perhaps next year at this time we can say, "2021 started poorly but ended well". DR


I love the Facebook message I received from my friend Candy

                                Have faith in the Pfizer vaccine.
                                Don't forget they make Viagra.

                                If they can raise the dead...
                                They can save the living.

                                      Deep! Very deep!


About New Year's Resolutions

It is the beginning of January and the time of the year when we create with great fervour our New Year's Resolutions.

New Year's Resolutions (NYR), although very popular, generally don't hold up with time. It seems that we have the best of intentions to change but after a few weeks we slide back into familiar old patterns. Patterns such as: poor eating habits, infrequent exercise, over use of TV and video games, over work and under play, and a variety of other unhealthy choices that we vow each year to change. Did you just mention "Change"?

It seems that NYR require a certain amount of change-right? I just happen to have some ideas about how to go about changing things in your life!

For the next few weeks the "NOTES" offerings will be exploring the concept of change as it pertains to your health. Some of the writing will be original and some concepts will come from my two books.

                Before we can change our behaviour
                      we need to change our mind (and visa versa)

Will to Change!

How bad do things have to get before people will consider changing?

I see people resist change by hiding behind addictions, stubbornness and self-righteousness to the point of losing everything (family, job, even their own lives-smoking/cancer/addictions). So I wonder, if we can't change others - and we truly can't - how then do we encourage them to change themselves?

Perhaps we could: encourage without demanding, become non- threatening, stop the use of intimidation. Instead, state clearly what you think, feel, value and believe without "that tone", that self-righteous tone that says I know best. Then you might stand a chance of being heard.

I guess for some if it gets bad enough they will change; for others,
sometimes intimidation, bribery, or charm might work on them occasionally, in the short term. But what is a total mystery to me is the person who has tried (or has had it tried on them) "everything and nothing works", and then just wakes up one morning and through some act of will states, "It's time I changed" and does. The power of the human spirit baffles and awes me sometimes. Is that what you need, "an act of will", or do you need a Plan, a doable Plan?

Happy New Year!

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