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"Notes" #37

If you remember last weeks "Notes" #36 started out about New Years Resolutions and morphed into an article about change. Here is instalment two.


When starting the "change process,"
it is not what you stop doing that is most important,
but rather what you start doing!

     It seems that when people want to make changes in their lives, they
generally start by wanting to eliminate a bad habit, such as
overeating, drinking too much, or smoking. What they end up doing
is concentrating on that which they are saying they could live without
(i.e., the bad habit). I believe long-term success is best achieved by
focusing on the actual behavior you want rather than what you don't
want. For example, decide to establish a sensible eating plan as opposed
to not eating sweets anymore. Start a fitness plan rather than focusing
on quitting drinking and smoking.
     It's true that stopping poor lifestyle habits is important. However,
there is more to be gained if you first decide what you want to have
happen. Start the positive process; then it will be easier to stop bad
habits-permanently-if there is no vacuum to fill.

             If you keep doing what you're doing,
               you'll keep getting what you're getting.

Concept from "Communication & Relationships", 2019, Dr. Dan Rosin


Were you able to watch the US Presidential Inauguration? I did and I was greatly impressed with the Biden-Harris team. I was surprisingly moved by parts of the ceremony and I concluded that my feelings were about the pain I felt for the American people. They had endured, for the last four years, a leader who was, on a nightly basis portrayed as a clown and an arrogant narcissist by most media and all six of the Late Night shows comics.

400,000 people-- (grand) mothers, (grand) fathers, sisters, brothers, neighbours, work colleagues--all dead due to the pandemic (abandoned and ignored by their president).
A politically divided nation by party, a nation divided by race and a President who incites a riot on his own capital. Watching Vice-President Harris being sworn in I wept for the majority of black Americans whose American experience has been even further traumatized by Pres. 45.
Joe Biden talked about many things that resonated with me and I believed him, and I believe he will try his very best to heal America.
"I will fight for those who did not support me as hard as I will fight for those who did support me."
"Celebrate not the candidate (Party) but the cause- and the cause is democracy."
"Let's not separate into factions, but unite as one country."

I smiled at some of President Biden's veiled shots at 45.

 "...I promise I (Biden) will always talk to you (American people) and tell you the truth. No more manipulation of the 'facts'."
 "... and no more lies for power and profit."
 "... enough divide, we will get through this together."

President Biden offered up an Olive Branch to 45's supporters saying, "I need all of us (Americans) to work together. We can disagree but we do not have to defeat, through the use of violence, those with whom we disagree." He really challenged the Republican Party to consider what the country needs right now and that is to heal, and healing will require Unity.
I, like those late night comics, hope this will be the last we hear of Donald Trump 45 (we should be so lucky). I suppose there will always be narcissistic bullies and power seekers, however, after the 45 experience, we just might hear their self-serving message and turn a deaf ear. DR