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Are You Kidding Me?

It's Sunday, August 8, the day after our province/Manitoba opened up- no masks and no vaccination cards needed! Someone just lost their mind or are they playing politics.

The taxpayers of Manitoba had just spent over $4 million setting up a system where you needed your vaccination card to gain access to certain indoor amenities and allowing us to get back to some form of normalcy. The cards were also supposed to act as an incentive for those who were hesitant to getting vaccinated, albeit some would see it as a negative incentive. I definitely saw this as a double win for the physical and mental health of Manitobans and moving one step closer to getting past this pandemic. However, I cannot understand how the premier and his health team arrived at the decision to drop the mask mandate and disregard the principle whereby people need to produce the vaccination card to enter into indoor activities. Mixing vaccinated and unvaccinated adults two weeks before our children go back to school seems like an accident waiting to happen.

Oh! I think I understand. This decision made by the premier was purely a political move to keep the unvaccinated from being upset. And of course "upset" means fewer votes in the next election. I'm upset but I guess I don't count. This political move has certainly made my life a lot more close microphone unsafe and I will certainly choose a more restricted life as a result. But the wasted money- millions on vaccination cards that you just abandoned (and your penny pinching nurses and medical care staff?)

I am sorry, but you could put a Cocker spaniel on the next election ticket and it would get my vote!

What are your feelings about the "Opening Up"?    Dan