Midweek #5, 2017

It's August and the sun is setting earlier. So, if you're putting off fun stuff you can only do in the summer-stop procrastinating and do it!



Midweek #4, 2017

Remember, Aug. 14, Shapes at Garden City, 8-11 am and 4-9 pm-pick up your "free" copy of my newest book, "Communication & Relationships", just because you are a loyal Newsletter/Midweek reader. Get your copy signed and take a look at the facilities if you have time.
Save this reminder in your book, computer, smart phone, tablet, or piece of paper in your left pocket, but do drop by and say hello!

Communication and Relationships (C&R)


Midweek #3, 2017 correction

Sorry for the glitch in this article. Here it is in it's entirety.


"Finding Balance", "Communication & Relationships"

Books, that I am aware of, that have a similar style to my books include "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff..." by Dr. Richard Carlson, Hyperion, 1997; "Chicken Soup For The Soul" by Jack Canfield and Mark Hansen, Health Communications, 1993; and "Living On The Couch" by Dr. Irving D. Yalom, Basic Books, 1996.


Midweek #3

 Good news (set time aside)

Monday, August 14, 8-11 am and 4-9 pm at Shapes (Garden City) has invited me to share my two books with members. So, if you have ever wanted to see what a Shapes facility is like and, of course, pick up your free copy of "Communication & Relationships", then come say hello.

Put me in your book, computer, smart phone, tablet, piece of paper in your left pocket, but do drop by.

"Finding Balance", "Communication & Relations



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