Midweek #7, 2017

"Went to Shapes gym to see a note that Dr. Dan Rosin was present at the gym and is distributing his books. Curious to see what it's about I went up to him and he was very approachable, kind and easy-going. I am stoked to read about his book on Communication & Relationship, as we know that when we walk through the walks of life, maintaining balance and healthy relationships is key. Thank you Dr. Dan! I know that this book will be of a good resource for me."         Carlo


Saturday, #2

Write a testimonial

You who have read Communication & Relationships, would you be so kind as to write a brief testimonial (or a full length review if you are so inclined) about the book. Testimonials will help a great deal when I launch the book at McNally's later this year.      Dan


Midweek, #6, 2017

Had a great time at Shapes on Monday. Signed over 140 books and talked with a lot of people who are truly interested in improving their relationships.

If you could help me find other locations to promote my book, I would greatly appreciate it.

Testimonial for Communication & Relationships


Saturday Night Reminder


Reminder - This Monday, Aug. 14, Shapes at Garden City, 2535 McPhillips St., 8-11 am and 4-9 pm-pick up your "free" copy of my newest book, "Communication & Relationships". Get your copy signed and take a look at the facilities if you have time.

Do you know someone who could help me promote my new book "Communication & Relationships"?


Midweek #5, 2017

It's August and the sun is setting earlier. So, if you're putting off fun stuff you can only do in the summer-stop procrastinating and do it!




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