Notes #67


     Everyone feels down at one time or another. Loss of a loved one, a poor
career choice, or a failed relationship – all can invite a person to feel down.
Grief and sadness are normal reactions to life's stressful invitations.
However time heals and we return to normal.


Notes #24



Notes #66

Permission Needed to Take Care of Self!

The issue was her inability to take care of herself, to put herself first. She claimed she wanted to change so that her present behaviour would be more-in-line with this new thinking.


Notes #65

Tuesday, January 25. I was in Portage la Prairie for lunch with an old friend who lives in Brandon; we kinda met halfway. On the way back to Winnipeg I began to see a few trucks, cars, and vans all parked alongside the highway. Many of the vehicles had Canadian flags draped over them and a few "freedom" signs plastered to the sides of their vehicles. I was puzzled at first but then I remembered something about a truck convoy coming from the west. The anti-vaxxers were demonstrating against truckers having to be vaccinated to cross the border.


Notes #64

Reader Response
Dan, for a subject idea, if you are not too tired of it, I would like your thoughts on coping with the many anxieties around COVID. Examples of mine and family/friends  - Fears of family or friends or self getting COVID, anxieties when your workplace does not have vaccine mandates, people hosting family gatherings when some have different comfort levels in attending, having a baby and parenting during the pandemic, understanding others opinions and so and so on.  Cindy



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