Newsletter Vol. #69 Thats how I see it!

The newsletter is kind of heavy this week---important information about where seniors and their families can get support when they need it---and Part 3 on anger, Parts 4-6 will come later in the summer---We can deal with this topic for just so long.


Newsletter Vol. 68 Thats how I see it!

Would those folks who received a free copy of my newest book, Communication & Relationships and who said they would do a review or write a testimonial about the book, please forward their work to me at


Newsletter Vol. #67 Thats how I see it!

I seemed to have lit a candle under some people with the article, "LET ME SEE IF I GOT THIS RIGHT" in last weeks newsletter (#66). It seems that opinions run either hot or cold on this phenomenon of crossing our borders illegally (See Readers Response). What is your stance on this issue of illegal border crossings into Canada?



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