"Notes" #23

A profound thank-you to a reader of "Notes" and author of the piece on COVID below. You now have me thinking about how I see this experience with COVID-19.

                    Helpless-Hopeless-Hapless (H-H-H)


"Notes" #22

I Meet You and Then I Give Up My Friends?


"Notes" #21


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Hello (their name here).


"Notes" #20

In my previous work life with the Manitoba Teachers Society, I would do 20-30 Wellness Workshops a year and almost all the workshops ended with this story called, "The Wooden Bowl".


"Notes" #19 "Bad Relationships-Why Do People Stay?"

A few months before Covid-19, I was asked to speak to a women's group on the topic of, "Relationships and Why They Fail". They were a hoot despite the seriousness of the subject. They asked some really tough questions and I did my best to answer them as honestly as I could. Many of these women were in abusive relationships and felt stuck, and were looking for answers. Here is a sampling of some of the questions they asked:



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