"Notes" #18

And Baby Makes Three

A book recommended to me by one of my clients who had just had a baby was, "And Baby Makes Three" by John and Julie Gottman. Here are some of the highlights of my review of the book:

67% of the couples who had a baby had become very unhappy with each other during the first three years of the baby's life.


"Notes" #17

The Year That Wasn't!

Do you realize it is the middle of August? Where has this year gone? COVID-19 has robbed us of the last five months and probably many more months to come. All gone! No rich new experiences, no travel to visit relatives, no exploring new restaurants, sports are a hodgepodge, no theatre, symphony or late-night jazz, no breakfast with my friends. On the other hand we have saved a great deal of money (big deal), not doing these things that really make life worth living.


"Notes" # 16



"Notes" # 15

Let's Not Fight In The Parking Lot!

These are stressful times! COVID-19 has basically shut down our lives. Our usual coping mechanisms (activities/events) that brought us joy and acted as a diversion from many of the "have to's" in our daily life have been put on hold.


"Notes" #14

Pt. 2    Trip to Cuba



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