"Notes" #58


The article in the Free Press read, "Slow Train to Freedom", and it told of how the CPR and CNR railways and their black porters had such a influence on Western Canadian black community life. The article took me in a completely different direction.


"Notes" #57

"I will be doing some thinking and writing in my time off but could certainly use some help, some motivation, so if you have any ideas, suggestions, stories, jokes, situations, memories you would like to share, please do so." danrosin@drcounselling.com

This is what I left you with when I closed Notes down for the summer in June. So far only one person has sent anything in.


Notes #56

The movie showed two boys; perhaps they are 12 and 11. The summer holidays had just begun.  The "voice over" talked in the past tense about how that was the summer that changed their lives; about how that summer's experience and the feelings they felt-love, fear, guilt and the intensity of a death--bounced them into a journey toward adulthood. It was the summer of their "coming of age".


Rant # 3, Sept. 8, 2021


 The Anti- Vacers, Have Invited Me To Become An Anti-People Person!



I awoke with quite a start this morning. Recently I had been ranting about how others had been attending super-spreader activities and in my enthusiasm to help out a friend I had just invited my other friends to a possible super-spreader event myself.



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