"Notes" #14

Pt. 2    Trip to Cuba   (Feb. 2020)


"Notes" # 13

Here is a great question from a very knowledgeable reader:

Therapy does not solve everything. Some problems are insurmountable. When do you decide as a therapist that the cost-benefit is not worth it? Of course, the couple has to decide that. But if one person wants to work on it and the other doesn't. When is enough, enough? What criteria are used in that case to say something isn't working. Some couples give up too soon. Some stay too long. Some are locked into staying even when miserable.


"Notes' # 12 Just Hold On A Minute

Just Hold On A Minute!        Written by a concerned reader of "Notes


"Notes" #11 He Did What He Thought Was Right!

He Did What He Thought Was Right!

Wow, there are still people in this world with integrity!

I have publicly stated that if the United States voters elected Donald Trump for a second term, I will have lost all respect for that country.


Wellness-What Exactly Is It? Tom Crum

After working in Wellness for a number of years, I find that a great deal of confusion still seems to exist regarding the meaning of the word "wellness". The purpose of this article is to provide some clarification. Let us first look at the term "wellness."



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