Notes #41

I never thought that I would have the desire to write about 45 again but.... His effect on the Republican Party is surprising, startling, remarkable, and absolutely scary.


"Notes" #40

Fake Commute

The headline read, "Fake commuting is a real alternative" (Sylvain Charlebois, Free Press) and I got a kick out of it.

COVID has kept us cooped up and away from our daily routines, so going for a short ride and a coffee, breaks the tedium and feels like a real treat.

I love the title of Dr. Charlebois's article because any reference to the word "fake" is a reminder that the person who made the word famous is now completely out of touch with reality, 45 is the real "fake".


"Notes" #39

A number of years ago I volunteered at the lighthouse Mission on Main Street. It was there that I got my first introduction to what homelessness was all about. I spent the better part of the fall and winter serving up meals and coffee, lots of coffee, to a most interesting and diverse group of individuals. To say that I had my eyes opened to a way of life that this privileged white guy had no experience or understanding about, would have been an understatement.


"Notes" #38

So much COVID in the news--daily reports, sacrifice and not knowing when it all will end. Maybe we can learn from the past?

This poem written in 1869, reprinted during 1919 Pandemic was sent to me by my friend Jake (somewhat less than 100 years ago). Is history repeating itself?

This is Timeless ....


"Notes" #37

If you remember last weeks "Notes" #36 started out about New Years Resolutions and morphed into an article about change. Here is instalment two.


When starting the "change process,"
it is not what you stop doing that is most important,
but rather what you start doing!



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