"Notes" #8 Here Is a Thought For You!


The person was totally overworked, working 60 hours a week, sometimes 10 days in a row and of course was near burnout. He had tried many times to convince the workplace to change how it treated their employees and it seemed nobody listened, not even colleagues. The quotas and bonuses were more important than personal health.


"Notes" #7 Purpose and Passion

I think that most people know the importance of exercise, a good diet, sleep, laughter, and having fun, in establishing a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Did you know that one of the most important contributors to your well-being and energy level is having "purpose and meaning" in your life. As well, we need to have goals and a commitment to those goals so as to realize our purpose and not just wish for it. Our commitment to our purpose and goals is fuelled by a passion for our goals.


"Notes" #6 I asked my granddaughter…

I asked my 10-year-old granddaughter if she would like to write a small piece for my blog- "Notes", about her experience of being housebound during COVID-19. She had her usual academic work (grade 4) to do and was actually being somewhat hesitant (" miserable"-her words) about doing her home schooling this particular morning.


"Notes" #5 The Rewards Of A Loving Relationship Are Awesome

The Rewards of a Loving Relationship Are Awesome!

Why do people go for couples/marriage counselling? To change things; to make things better.

Some of the symptoms of a failing relationship include: lack of sex, financial incompatibility, abuse, lack of communication. Many feel a lack of connection, a separation that leads to feelings of loneliness, and an actual lack of "spark" between partners.



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