"Notes" #50

Well that's a couple of hundred "That's How I See It!" Newsletters, and now 50 "Notes" that have been sent. So where are we now after these 50 blogs have been read and discarded? Well, it seems we're in the middle of a Pandemic and some people have lost their minds.


Notes #49

Hi, Dan Rosin reaching out to you.

I have received at least 600 new subscribers to my "Notes" blog in the last month. I am not complaining, but puzzled by this sudden interest in the blog. Generally I receive 2-3 new subscribers a month.

If you have recently started to receive the "Notes" blog, would you kindly contact me danrosin@drcounselling.com and let me know if you signed up for my free blog, or is it Simplenews category 8 sending me these new subscribers, and why?


Notes #48

No Cake for You!

Did you hear the one about the "cake artist" who refused to make a wedding cake for a couple? The couple sued! In a fit of anger the "artist/baker" refused to make wedding cakes for anyone.

The baker argued in a US court room that he was being punished for following the dictates of his religion. He said he would sell any of his baking products to anybody, any nationality, colour, gay or straight, but not wedding cakes. He is a fervent Christian and weddings are a religious event, so no wedding cakes to gay people.


"Notes" #47

Some thoughts on "Affairs." (Not recommended)

After the Affair

In this case it was a woman who was cheated on - could just as easily been a man. She felt extremely hurt, betrayed and understandably mistrusting. She felt she had to keep tabs on him, in the beginning, to make sure he wasn't still "doing it"-cheating.


"Notes" #46

Is the Reserve System Working For Our Indigenous Canadians?

In Maclean's, "Letters to the Editor", I found this idea of replacing reserves with the existing "municipal" system of government quite interesting.



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