"Notes" #32

A "Notes" reader requested some information on anxiety, so here is a one page synopsis on that topic.


"Notes" 31

Feelings Are Really Okay!
When I was young and got hurt I was told "Stop crying, be a man" or "you're too old to cry." I am not sure what was said to young women. However, for most of us males, from the time we are young to talk to the time we learn otherwise-if we learn otherwise-were taught to keep our feelings to ourselves, bottled up. As a result of this conditioning we conclude it is not okay to show emotion. The consequences of this closing off may be inappropriate expression of feelings in our adult years.


"Notes" #30

Is It Worth The Price?

Mark Jacobson, environmental engineer states, "Transitioning to 100 per-cent clean, renewable energy is entirely doable by 2050, with much by 2030." However, I don't believe this green, renewable stance is "free". This alternative still has a downside.

Yes it is doable by 2050, but what will be the impact of mining those metals and minerals needed to build wind turbines, solar panel batteries (lithium) for energy storage, and the running of electric vehicles, all 1.2 billion of them.


"Notes" #29

The American election ended, well sort of, but I was left with feeling total shock at how close the vote was, and then and then I picked up on all the anger that Trump and his followers were spewing. Attack, attack; you screwed us out of winning by voter fraud; you cheated; anger, anger!

             Enlightened people move away from
                              conflict and confrontation.


"Notes" #28



I was practising a piece of music the other day when a couple of lines in the song really resonated with me.
Regrets I've had a few
But then again too few to mention
I did what I had to do
And saw it through without exemption
I planned each chartered course
Each careful step along the by-way
And more, much more than this
I did it my way

                             "My Way"-Paul Anka



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