"Notes" #45

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all you of Irish heritage and to those who wish they were!

An Irish blessing

May there always be work for your hands to do,
May your purse always hold a coin or two,
May the sun always shine in your window pane,
May a rainbow be certain to follow the rain,
May the hand of a friend be always near you,
May God fill your heart's gladness to cheer you.


Change--You Need An Action Plan!


"Notes" #44

Presently I do a lot of work with Irrational Belief Systems (e.g. I must be loved by everyone and everyone must love everything I do; I must be intelligent, competent and capable at all times and in everything I do --just a few of the irrational belief myths identified by Dr. Albert Ellis-Next week I'll have a complete list of Dr. Ellis's irrational beliefs.) I mention Dr. Ellis and his Irrational Beliefs System as a way of introducing my own huge irrational therapeutic belief.


"Notes" #43

Workplace Stress
  The greatest predictor of workplace stress is
    the relationship one has with one's immediate supervisor.


"Notes" #42

Real Voice

We know that early childhood memories and how one is treated can leave a mark on a person even as an adult. Hundreds of books have been written on this topic and a multitude of therapies have their roots in this phenomena/experience. The kind of youthful experiences we have does impact many of our adult decisions and behaviours. However, it never fails to excite me when I am confronted with a client who suddenly comes to understand that they are coping in adult life with behaviours they learned as a child. There is now the possibility for change.


Notes #41

For you who are receiving "Notes" 41 for the second time, I apologize. My mass distribution program or MTS (I have had trouble with them previously) did not send the blog out to several hundred subscribers--hence a second sending of this weeks "notes".


I never thought that I would have the desire to write about 45 again but.... His effect on the Republican Party is surprising, startling, remarkable, and absolutely scary.



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