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2017 Newsletter

Newsletter Vol. # 64 That's how I see it!


I wish to thank those that have stepped forward to lend a hand with our possible Fringe Festival production (#1 on Wait List). Of course we can still use more volunteers when we are accepted.

Old age is coming at a really bad time!

Caregiving for a Parent or Elderly Person        Pt. 2


Newsletter Vol. # 63 That's how I see it!

I informed you last week about a play we, my friend Frank and I, are hoping to produce for the Fringe Festival this July. The production is about seniors/aging/getting old- what ever this journey is called. There is music, humour, and lovable characters who interact on their home stage called the Encore Estates- a rundown retirement home.


Newsletter Vol. # 61 That's how I see it!


Red Flag Theory
All Stressed Out
Reader Response


Newsletter Vol. # 60 That's how I see it!

What you're going to get in this weeks newsletter:
     Friendship in a Relationship
     Did You Know (3)
     Friends and Family Improve our Health
     Reader Response
     Something about snapping

Friendship in a Relationship

Either they argued loudly and often, or didn't speak to each other for weeks at a time.



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