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"Notes" #27

You Had An Affair-Should You Tell?

There was a time when therapists, including myself, thought it best to encourage their clients to share totally about the affair. That was done, of course, in the best interests of transparency and total honesty about the past, present and future between partners. Sometimes that worked out well, and sometimes it was a disaster.


"Notes" #26

Oh, I wonder who just received her certificate in the mail today--Masters of Marriage & Family Therapy? Oh, our daughter Lisa did.

Congratulations Lisa you slugged it out and made it happen and we are incredibly proud of you!
                                            Lol  Mom & Dad (Drinda & Dan)



"Notes" #25

Permission vs. Courtesy

The subject of permission came up with a friend when I suggested a breakfast date. Do I really need my spouse's or partner's permission before I can decide to do something (like stop for a beer with colleagues, or set up a golf game), or can I make that decision on my own with the understanding that if she needs me, I will extend her the courtesy and change my plans.


"Notes" #24

Did You Know-Men and Woman Are Different?

I was brushing my teeth the other morning, (absolutely no connection to what I am about to say), and this thought popped into my head. Why is it that a great many men think they are always in a positive place, that they are in the best of humour, that they are ready to party and play, and that their wives/partners are just "party poopers", always finding a way to derail their fun-loving ideas?


"Notes" #23

A profound thank-you to a reader of "Notes" and author of the piece on COVID below. You now have me thinking about how I see this experience with COVID-19.

                    Helpless-Hopeless-Hapless (H-H-H)



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