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Newsletter Vol. # 3 That's how I see it!

Hi, another week closer to spring. We are going to short cut spring by visiting the Caymans at the end of March for several weeks. Our son and sister and family all reside in this tropical paradise. By the way we are taking this holiday only because it's good for our health which will increase our productivity and quality of this newsletter--so in essence we are doing this holiday thing just for you. Ahg! (See article below)


Newsletter Vol. # 2 That's how I see it!

 Hi, how was your week? Mine was great--took the grandkids, wife and daughter--or rather they took me--the Museum of Man & Nature. Spent today dealing with pirates, buried treasure, replica of a pirate ship and Miliah's favourite memory-a manikin doctor sawing the leg off a sailor.


Newsletter Vol. #1 That's how I see it!

This is the inaugural edition (second round) of the That's how I see it! Newsletter-so welcome!

We'll try to be entertaining, informative, with a little bit of something for everyone. Maybe even bring a little controversy to your life and/a smile to your lips once in a while.



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