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2019 Newsletter

Thats How I See It!



Welcome to all you folks who recently signed up for Dr. Dan's/my "That's How I See It!" newsletter!


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Hi discerning and intellectually superior readers of the finest newsletters


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Hi, discerning and intellectually superior readers of the finest newsletters,


Newsletter Vol. #105

My computer has been down for about two weeks and so just sending #105 to you now.

This will be my last newsletter for a few weeks-going to just slow things down a bit for the summer. Please send me some fresh jokes and your perspective on what is happening in your neighbourhood/country/world (Reader Response). How about writing a book review of your summer reading project, or a review of "Communication & Relationships". You could fill us in on that holiday you took, how wonderful it was or wasn't or the close call you observed/experienced.


Newsletter Vol. #104 Thats How I See It!


 Hello all you new subscribers to the newsletter (11 this week and 9 last week). I hope you enjoy and pass on the newsletter to other folks who might enjoy what is offered.

We will finish the series (Pt. 5) on re-deciding how to live our lives next week, and then I am going to slow the newsletter offerings down--July/August--to occasionally.



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