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Dr. Dan's Midweek

“There’s always one to turn and walk away

and one who just wants to stay.

But who said that love is always fair,

and why should I care?”

                                (“Why Should I Care?” Clint Eastwood)

Quoted in “Communication & Relationships” Dr. Dan Rosin



I would like you to do one small thing for me to help with the promotion of “Communication & Relationships” (C & R) on February 27. I would like you to:

                -take a selfie of yourself holding the book (C & R)

     -say one nice thing about the book (C & R)

Distribute the selfie and the one nice thing a few times this coming week to your special friends, Social Media lists and me.



                                  PROBUS CLUB OF WINNIPEG #85

                                     MEETS EVERY THIRD TUESDAY at 10:00 a.m.

                     Unitarian Universalist Church 603 Wellington Crescent

                                   Winnipeg Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Guests are always welcome, come and listen to great speakers and interact with interesting people.



Dan Rosin sayings


Remember that in a relationship, when it comes to communication, there is no winner. If there is a winner, there is a loser, and soon there will be two losers.


Do you want me to listen to you or just agree with you?


I don’t need you to agree with me but I do need you to respectfully listen to me and we do need to reach an agreement! (Compromise)


Good communication ends when there is understanding-not a winner. 


Have a great Week!