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Dr. Dan's Midweek

You guessed it! I am having a book launch at McNally Robinson on Feb. 27, 7 pm for my new book, “Communication & Relationships”

 Let me share with you, and in turn you could share with your Social Media contacts the following information:

 Communication and Relationships has 110 different stories/concepts/ learning experiences ranging from 1 to 3 pages in length. Some of the topics in the book include: stress, anger, grief, strokes, communication, guilt, ego, self-esteem, change, affairs, sex, abandonment, friendship and more.

 I feel that by reading the stories and concepts in the book about people just like yourself, and seeing how the therapist dealt with the issues (sometimes good, sometimes-- well you decide for yourself) perhaps in the process of reading and discussing the contents of the book, you could learn how to better deal with your own issues.

For example:

     -how to better understand, deal with, and communicate effectively about

      every day “living” problems

     -how to make better an unproductive or dysfunctional relationship

     -how to deal more effectively with the distress, guilt and anger that come

      to the surface when in a relationship

     -how to become a more effective “Active Listener” and a more congruent



Note attached to a copy of “Communication & Relationships"

 “This isn’t a present for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary or Thanksgiving, it’s just because I like you/love you and thought you just might enjoy Dr. Rosin’s new book.”

 A great present for someone you really care about!


Launch Week Big, Big Deal!

 “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse”

 Buy 2 copies-- “Finding Balance" and/or "Communication & Relationships" and receive a “free” “Family Tree” game (a $39.95 value) at the Launch and during Launch Week (Feb. 24-March 6).

 If you order the books on-line you will have to pick up the game from me—no charge (204-488-0359) or pay a delivery charge of $7.00 to David


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